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Is Fear of Failure Holding Your Business Back?

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins — oh my! While children clad in Halloween costumes may fear witches and zombies, many Villa Park businesses are equally terrified of failure. But since failure is an inevitable part of growing a small business, fear of failure could be holding you and your business back from success. Here are six ways to overcome your fear of failure:

22 Qualities that make a Great Leader

1. Focus 

“It’s been said that leadership is making important but unpopular decisions. That’s certainly a partial truth, but I think it underscores the importance of focus. To be a good leader, you cannot major in minor things, and you must be less distracted than your competition. To get the few critical things done, you must develop incredible selective ignorance. Otherwise, the trivial will drown you.”  —Tim Ferriss, bestselling author, host of The Tim Ferriss Show 

2. Confidence

“A leader instills confidence and ‘followership’ by having a clear vision, showing empathy and being a strong coach. As a female leader, to be recognized I feel I have to show up with swagger and assertiveness, yet always try to maintain my Southern upbringing, which underscores kindness and generosity. The two work well together in gaining respect.” —Barri Rafferty, CEO, Ketchum North America